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New risk! COVID-19 didn’t just change how we work.

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You’ve worked hard for your business, and COVID-19 has affected us in ways we could never have thought imaginable. But now that our companies are moving. Less physical, more virtual. It’s essential that we pay attention to those new risks and make sure that COVID-19 is the only problem we’re taking on. One thing that’s really important to consider, as we’ve all gone virtual, now that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re selling online. Still, it does mean that the physical space that we use, the computers, the networks that we have worked so hard to protect, for our customer’s data, those have entirely changed. Many companies’ employees are using their personal devices and definitely their personal networks to transact business with that customer data.

Now the war networks have changed. The truth is that none of our responsibilities have changed at all. So regardless of COVID-19, we will still be held liable for breaking or breaching any privacy for cyber laws that may exist in our states.

Cyber privacy liability is one excellent way to offset that to an insurance company. Its cyber liability is kind of a confusing name to give it cause people think well, hey, I’m not working online. Today we’re all working online. The internet is part of all our businesses, and we’re transacting information through the internet all the time.

Cyber and privacy liability could provide your business protection against getting sued in case there was a breach of that data. Now, one good tip I can give you is to make sure that any cyber liability policy that you consider include the definition of a computer as broad as possible.

You see, some policies limit coverage to only those devices owned by the business or the insured. Now that so many businesses have gone virtual and many employees using networks that don’t belong to the business, you want to make sure that data transacted through those networks is covered by the policy.

It’s not as expensive, you think, to provide yourself this new protection, and it’s more important now than ever to have it.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, simply complete the quote form, send me an email, chat or DM. I’d be glad to talk more about cyber liability of privacy liability is, and how it can protect your business.

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