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Replacement Cost and How it Affects Affordable Home Insurance

It’s not easy to compare home insurance quotes. Replacement cost insurance is one of the coverage’s that can affect affordable home insurance premiums. Many customers are confused as to what it actually covers, especially here in Florida where the endorsement for Replacement Cost on Contents coverage can be expensive. What is replacement cost insurance? Replacement […]


Paid in full saves you money

How you pay your premium can save you money. It’s different for personal policies than commercial. Personal Policies Many personal auto insurance companies consider how you want to pay your premium in the total cost of the policy.  Some companies can give up to a 20% discount if you pay the premium in full.  Automatic monthly […]


Three reasons you need to buy commercial inurance

There are so many reasons that commercial insurance is important.  Today I give you my top three and you might find some of the answers surprising. Licensing and Permits Number 3 is when you are required to carry the coverage for a license, permit or certification.  Many times your local municipality, state licensing board or certification organization […]


Is motor vehicle insurance mandatory?

Is motor vehicle insurance mandatory? The simple answer is “yes” for most states.  Though the requirements vary wildly.  Some states require Personal Injury Protection, others require Bodily Injury and Property Damage to Others and/or Uninsured Motorist coverage or some combination of all three. In the State of Florida, the basic requirement is Personal Injury Protection […]


Creating certificates with the new Dopazo Insurance Client Dashboard

Creating certificates with the new Dopazo Insurance Client Dashboard: Navigate to On the top right, client CLIENTS Login with your username and password. If you are a first time user and are not registered, contact our office and request an invitation email. Click Certificates Select the most recent Master Certificate from the list (Master […]


Insurance: Why does it cost so much? Part 2

In part one we discussed, commercial or business insurance and where the premium comes from. Today we are going to tackle personal coverage.  We’re going to concentrate on, homeowners insurance, auto insurance and a few words on umbrella insurance. Homeowners Insurance The limit of coverage, usually called ‘Coverage A’ or ‘Dwelling Limit’, is the biggest […]


Insurance: Why does it cost so much? Part 1

Simple question that has a lot of answers. Because the development of premium (or figuring out how much insurance costs) is very different in commercial situations than it is in personal, I am splitting it in two. Today we tackle commercial. To speak in generalities, I’m also breaking commercial insurance into two parts Liability and Property. […]