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What is a Certificate of Insurance and how to I get one?

Let’s talk about certificates of insurance and how to get one. So a certificate of insurance is a piece of paper that provides a basic summary of the insurance coverage that you have to someone called a certificate holder. Certificate holders, basically an entity or individual whose name and address are on the bottom left-hand […]


How to compare General Liability quotes?

Let’s talk about comparing your general liability insurance quotes. The two most common things people check are the limits and the price, and they say, “Well, if the limits are the same the price is different I’m just gonna chose the lowest.” But, I’m gonna give you three more items that you absolutely much check […]


What is General Liability?

Let’s talk about general liability insurance. General liability is the foundation of any commercial insurance program. It defends you if your business operation causes bodily injury or property damage to other people and their stuff. It can provide that coverage on your premise or if you’re in the business of servicing or installing, it can […]


Finding the best rideshare insurance in Florida

If you live in Florida and have recently signed on to work with a ridesharing company like Uber or Lyft, congratulations! Your entrepreneurial spirit is shining through and you will be on your way to financial freedom in no time. However, have you given any thought to what happens to your Florida vehicle insurance once […]


3 Reasons You Need to Purchase Business Auto Insurance

Not Covered On Other Policies The first reason is the simplest. Basically it’s not covered anywhere else. General Liability specifically excludes it and if you are using your personal vehicle, it’s excluded on that policy too. Some examples of business use could be carrying tools, having signage on your car or having the vehicle wrapped, […]


Is insurance required?

We often get asked if insurance is required in Florida. There are really only two reasons that you are required to have insurance coverage. One is if it’s required by law, either local, county, state or federal. The other is if it’s required by contract, including leases, financing or mortgages, vendor or construction contracts. Required […]


Coinsurance: What you need to know

CoInsurance has different meanings in health insurance and property insurance so for this blog we’re going to stick to talking about property insurance. What is Coinsurance? So coinsurance is basically how insurance companies make sure that you are insuring your property to close to what it costs to rebuild it or replace it. It’s called […]


A Better Understanding Of General Liability In 10 Minutes

What is General Liability? “I need insurance.”, we hear that a lot but really that doesn’t tell us much about what you are looking for. There are many different kinds of insurance and depending on your specific circumstances you may need one or more completely different kinds. The insurance coverage most small businesses in Florida […]


Replacement Cost and How it Affects Affordable Home Insurance

It’s not easy to compare home insurance quotes. Replacement cost insurance is one of the coverage’s that can affect affordable home insurance premiums. Many customers are confused as to what it actually covers, especially here in Florida where the endorsement for Replacement Cost on Contents coverage can be expensive. What is replacement cost insurance? Replacement […]


Paid in full saves you money

How you pay your premium can save you money. It’s different for personal policies than commercial. Personal Policies Many personal auto insurance companies consider how you want to pay your premium in the total cost of the policy.  Some companies can give up to a 20% discount if you pay the premium in full.  Automatic monthly […]