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About Our Insurance Agency

Our Promise To Clients

Since 1997 Dopazo & Associates has been dedicated to finding our clients and prospects adequate insurance for a competitive price. Serving the states of Florida, Georgia and Texas as independent insurance agents. We work with a broad range of insurance companies to provide coverage for our clients. Our agency is committed to providing FULL SERVICE. You can count on us for professional insurance counseling and service that is both dependable and timely. With this commitment to service, you are assured of having the up-to-date coverage at a competitive price.


About Maximo Dopazo Florida Insurance Agency President

Four Reasons Why You Should Be Confident Working With Dopazo & Associates

  1. 20+ years experience with insuring small business.
  2. Family owned and operated.
  3. We don’t “sell” insurance.
  4. Tools to serve you when you need it.

20+ years experience with insuring small business.

Established in 1997. Our agency principal and owner, Maximo Dopazo, has always concentrated on the needs of small businesses. Being a small business owner himself since he was 21 years old, he has a great understanding of the struggles of running a business, so it is a natural fit that our agency can help small businesses understand how insurance can protect their hard work and also how you can use insurance to help your business reach the next level.

Of course business owners don’t just have business needs so our office quickly developed a team to help our clients with their personal needs too.

Family owned and operated.

In 1998, Alex Dopazo, joined his father at the agency and fell in love with insurance. It sounds corny, yes, but we love insurance and how it can help our customers. Together we share that love with all of our customers who eventually become friends.

We don’t “sell” insurance.

Our approach is simple, we listen. Not every situation is the same and not everyone needs or wants the same kind of insurance. Some customers prefer to transfer most of their risk to the insurance company and some prefer to keep some risks for premium savings. After we’ve listened we discuss your available options to see what YOU feel most comfortable with.

Our office believes that great relationships are built on listening to each other, which is why we work hard to answer every phone call and reserve voicemail for only those times where it was impossible for a live person to answer your request.

Tools to serve you when you need it.

That being said this is the 21st Century and life moves at the speed of the internet. For that reason our office uses the latest tools to communicate with you electronically including a client dashboard that is available to you 24/7 to review policy summaries, retrieve your policy documents, issue certificates of insurance, request changes to your policies and much more.

Our Team

Karla Garrido

(786) 615-7282

Gina Tillan

(786) 483-8065

Diana Dopazo

(786) 483-8063

Alex Dopazo

(786) 483-8064

Maximo Dopazo

(786) 483-8062