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Florida Commercial Insurance
General Liability

Also known as CGL, this coverage protects your business from financial loss if you are liable for property damage or personal and advertising injury caused by your services, business operations or your employees.

  • Slip-and-fall
  • Property damaged at customers site
  • Public hurt by your product default
Florida Small Business Insurance
Commercial Property

This coverage protects your business by reimbursing for physical loss to your building, business personal property (or contents) and loss of business income caused by the covered physical loss.

  • Fire
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Windstorm or Hurricane
  • Lightning strike
Florida General Contractor Insurance
Workers Compensation

This coverage protects your business from your legal liability for medical bills and lost wages that result from work related injuries or illness.

  • Employees injured on the job
  • Missed wages after an injury
  • Legal costs to defend your business after work related injuries
Florida commercial garage liability.
Business Automobile

This coverage is for damage caused by business-owned vehicles or damage to the vehicle caused by accidents, theft, vandalism or the weather.

  • Car accidents or Truck accidents
  • Vandalism or Theft of your vehicles
  • Physical damage to your vehicle

Repair shops and automobile dealerships require special insurance protection. This coverage protects for liability on your premises and also while driving vehicles used in your business.

  • Used auto dealerships
  • Automobile repair shops
  • Physical damage to vehicle inventory
  • Legal liability for your customers vehicles left for repair
Florida Commercial Insurance

Bonding is needed for many different situations.

  • Contract Bonds or Payment and Performance Bonds for construction or projects that require surety.
  • Fidelity Bonds for employee theft or fiduciary responsibility.
  • License or Permit Bonds when you are required by a municipality or government licensing entity.