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Would Your Insurance Cover the Battle of StarCourt?

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When we dive into worlds like the show of Stranger Things, we often forget about the background characters’ mundane realities. But sometimes we might entertain those questions. Why are a ragtag group of kids the only ones who notice the extra-dimensional monsters running around town? Why doesn’t the US government notice such a prominent Soviet presence? Would insurance cover damage from an epic monster fight?

Let’s take a look at Stranger Things’ Battle of Starcourt and find out whether or not those stores’ insurance would cover the destruction.

Liability at StarCourt

Some insurance providers require businesses to have an alarm system before they’ll issue a policy. This is because an alarm system mitigates the risk of a break-in or robbery. The StarCourt mall, however, doesn’t seem to possess any sort of security system. A small group—comprised mostly of children—manages to break in with no consequences.

Without this security system—or even a locked door—liability becomes a huge issue. This would result in liability falling upon the mall’s owner, the business’ owners, and anyone who might be responsible for locking the doors after closing.

Car Insurance Coverage

When the group splits up and someone needs to drive to a secondary location, some of the kids hop into a friend’s car. Since this car doesn’t belong to the teenager driving, it’s safe to assume he’s not a listed driver on the vehicle’s insurance. While some damage might be covered through liability—since the kids are borrowing the car—it’s unlikely they’d get the full benefit of the car’s insurance.

Liability vs. Liability

When that car eventually flips into the front of a food court restaurant. In insurance training, similar scenarios are actually a cause for debate. The reason for this debate is the simple question: which liability would cover this scenario? The vehicle’s auto liability, or the store’s general liability?

One could argue that both might apply here. While the vehicle’s movement causes the initial impact, everything continues to move around the stationary vehicle. Whether there’s sufficient security, whether or not there was negligence at play, and other similar situations could affect which policy comes into play.

Fire Damage

In the final mention of StarCourt, we learn the government covered up the entire affair by saying a sudden and accidental fire broke out on the premises. Believe it or not, this is actually the best and most clear-cut scenario for the ensured parties.

While insurance isn’t designed to handle telekinetic attacks and monsters from another dimension, it is designed to cover fire damage.


While most insurance policies don’t discuss what to do if you have monsters attack your business, there are numerous other incidents they may or may not cover.
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