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Florida Gas Station Insurance quote and information.

  1. How do insurance companies define Gas Station?
  2. What risk exposure do Gas Station have?
  3. What is the price of Gas Station insurance?
  4. Is insurance for Gas Station required in Florida?
  5. What coverages are common to Gas Station businesses?
  6. Can you provide insurance anywhere in the state?

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How do insurance companies define Florida Gas Station Insurance?

Gasoline stations are not limited to the dispensing of gasoline, kerosene, diesel or fuel oil. Many other operations may be conducted. These may include but are not limited to auto repair, retail sales of food or a mini-mart exposure, or retail sales of auto accessories or both, towing services, restaurant or truck stop exposures and, in some cases, even lodging facilities. Protect yourself from liability with the right Florida Gas Station Insurance.

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What risk exposure do Gas Station have?

Property Exposure
From fire comes from the oils, solvents, or other flammables which must be properly labeled,
stored and separated. Welding exposures are often a part of the operation and need to be evaluated for proper handling of the tanks and gases, as well as adequate separation from the other operations with either a separate room or flash/welding curtains.

Inland Marine
Exposure comes from goods in transit. Employees will run errands to pick up various items that are
needed and transport them back to the operations. Values will vary, based on parts needed. The radius also will vary but tends to be local in Florida.

Crime Exposures
Are from Employee Dishonesty and money and securities. All ordering and inventory control should
be handled by different individuals in order to have adequate checks and balances. There should be inventory control procedures in order to prevent employee theft. Florida, Depending on the area, they may stay in a bulletproof enclosure. Security officers may be available for pickups, panic buttons may be in place, and other techniques can help in curtailing crime.

Premises Liability
Exposure is from slip and falls by customers. There is also the attractive nuisance of cars in the parking lots. Florida customer waiting areas should be provided and customers must be not be permitted in the garage area. Lots should be well lit with chains in place to prevent entrance after hours. Products liability concerns stem from vehicles that are not properly repaired. There should be a check off procedures in place. There is also the potential of contaminated fuel and the damage caused by that.

Environmental Impairment
Exposures exist from the disposal of used oils, solvents and other hazardous wastes. Disposal procedures need careful review. Tanks, both above- and below-ground, must be maintained and monitored
regularly for leaks and spills. UST coverage is a requirement for any underground tank.

Automobile Liability
Exposures are from errand running to pick up needed supplies. All Florida drivers should have valid
licenses and their MVRs regularly checked. If towing takes place a more serious exposure exists. All tow drivers must be experienced in towing. Vehicles must be regularly checked, in particular the hoists and tow bars.

Garage Keepers Exposure
Comes from the physical damage losses to customers’ vehicles while in the repair shop’s care, custody and control. Lots must be well lit and chains in place to prevent transport. Fences and other security may also be appropriate.

Workers Compensation Exposures
In Florida come from injury while lifting the vehicle or during the use of hoists. Other non-mechanical lifting exposures could result in back injury, sprains, strains or hernias. Another exposure is holdup. All employees must be trained in safety procedures to protect themselves and the customer in case of robbery.
Protective equipment such as surveillance cameras, panic buttons and guards may be needed.

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What is the price of Gas Station insurance?

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Is insurance for Gas Station required in Florida?

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What other insurance should a Gas Station consider?

Commercial Property, Business Income, Accounts Receivable, Computers, Goods In Transit, Signs, Employee Dishonesty, Money and Securities, General Liability, Employee Benefits, Environmental Impairment, Umbrella, Commercial Auto, Garage Keepers, Workers Compensation

Can you provide insurance anywhere in the state?

We have helped customers all across the state of Florida. Below are some of the cities we have done business in.

  • Jacksonville
  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • St. Petersburg
  • Orlando
  • Hialeah
  • Tallahassee
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Port St. Lucie
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Cape Coral
  • Hollywood
  • Gainesville
  • Miramar
  • Coral Springs
  • Clearwater
  • Miami Gardens
  • Palm Bay
  • West Palm Beach
  • Pompano Beach

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