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Florida Alarm Contractor Insurance quote and information.

  1. How do insurance companies define Alarm Installation Contractors?
  2. What risk exposure do Alarm Repair Contractors have?
  3. What is the price of Alarm Installation Contractor insurance?
  4. Is insurance for Alarm Installers required in Florida?
  5. What coverages are common to Alarm Service businesses?
  6. Can you provide insurance anywhere in the state?

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How do insurance companies define Florida Alarm Contractor Insurance?

Alarms are installed in residences and businesses for the purpose of providing notification that a problem has occurred. The contractor installs the wiring, control boxes and other necessary devices throughout the premises as agreed to by the customer. Sleep well at nice with some Florida Alarm Contractor Insurance for your business.

The system installed may protect only the interior of the building or protection can be extended to the exterior as well. The protection may also include motion detectors and cameras. The system may be monitored locally, through a central station monitoring service, the police department and/or the fire department. Systems range from the very simple to the incredibly complex.

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What risk exposure do Alarm Repair Contractors?

Property exposures
Usually minimal because each job requires special or unique devices that are ordered or purchased on an as needed basis. Limited storage may be involved. Since the system components are mainly electronic in nature and mostly made of plastic materials, they are susceptible to damage by water and heat.

Inland Marine Exposures
Related to the tools and equipment used in the installation. Employee tool coverage may be necessary because specialized tools may be required in certain installations. Installation floater coverage may be required to insure the alarm system while it is in transit to the job site, during the installation and until the owner accepts the job. Accounts receivable coverage may be needed if the installation is accompanied by a maintenance contract and valuable papers and records coverage may be needed if the installation plans are retained.

Premises Liability
Exposure is mainly a job-site exposure. The installation can be invasive and require work throughout a home or business. These types of installations have high potential for property damage. Tools, power cords building materials and scrap all create trip and fall hazards. An important concern involves the potential for employees to use information gained by installing the alarm to return and cause bodily harm or property damage at the client’s premises.

Completed Operations
Exposures include faulty operating systems that could damage the client’s premises. Another exposure is the failure of the system to operate correctly due to improper installation that results in bodily injury or property damage.

Other significant completed operations exposures may be present in alarm system installations at medical facilities, large manufacturers and certain residences. Regardless of the number or extent of exposures, the warranties or guarantees offered by the contractor must be reviewed carefully. Maintenance agreements, under which the contractor is obligated to maintain and keep the system operational, must also be reviewed carefully.

Automobile Exposures
Are limited to service-type vehicles such as pickup trucks and vans. The distance traveled is generally limited and the amount of time required at many installations is no more than one or two days. Service and repair work may require additional and more frequent travel and the additional miles driven which increases the exposure.

Workers compensation
Hazards vary considerably, depending on the size and nature of the alarm system installation. Injuries due to working with hand tools are common. Minor injuries resulting from slips and falls may occur. Consistently failing to enforce basic safety procedures, such as shutting off electrical power before starting certain operations, may indicate a morale hazard. To a great extent, employee selection, training and supervision are the most important factors affecting loss potential.

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What is the price of Alarm Installation Contractor insurance?

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Is insurance for Alarm Installers required in Florida?

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What other insurance should a AC Repair Contractor consider?

Business Personal Property, Contractors’ Equipment, Installation Floater, Employee Dishonesty,
General Liability, Employee Benefits Liability, Umbrella Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation

Can you provide insurance anywhere in the state?

We have helped customers all across the state of Florida. Below are some of the cities we have done business in.

  • Jacksonville
  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • St. Petersburg
  • Orlando
  • Hialeah
  • Tallahassee
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Port St. Lucie
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Cape Coral
  • Hollywood
  • Gainesville
  • Miramar
  • Coral Springs
  • Clearwater
  • Miami Gardens
  • Palm Bay
  • West Palm Beach
  • Pompano Beach

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