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How to Find Tasks for a Virtual Assistant Fast (Even If You Don’t Have Any)

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At our most recent small business coffee break, we interviewed Jason Nunez, CEO of Go Digital Hero LLC, a Florida-based virtual assisting company. We talked to him about what to do if there are no tasks to delegate. Read on to learn what he said!

There’s Always Something To Do

“If you wake up in the morning, there’s always something to do,” Jason says. “You’ve just got to figure out what that is.” Virtual assistants are trained not only to help people do time-consuming, tedious tasks but at finding them in the first place. They inherently know what they can help with, even if you don’t.

The Onboarding Call is Important

During the onboarding process, a VA will ask simple questions to get an idea of what they can do for you. “Take me through your day. Tell me what you’re doing,” Jason says. “We can pull out what is delegable.”

A simple 30-minute onboarding call where you review your typical tasks could be all you need to start enjoying the benefit of a better work-life balance. 

“Sit-ins” Are Another Way to Find Tasks

If you’re still not sure if you have enough tasks for a VA to do, they might ask to sit in on a staff meeting. “I don’t need to be introduced, I just need to listen, be a fly on the wall,” says Jason. After the meeting, your VA will go over all the ways that they can help you – and oftentimes, it’ll be in ways you didn’t even consider. 

Tasks That a VA Can Do

There are several ways a virtual assistant can help you, but here are just a few of the tasks that they commonly handle:

  • Assisting with spreadsheets, emails, etc
  • Event management
  • Managing calendars, emails, and appointments
  • Personal tasks (booking hotels, restaurants, etc)
  • Preparing reports
  • Social media management
  • Straightforward digital marketing tasks

A VA Can See with Administrative Eyes

Virtual assistants are adept at looking at your schedule and time from an administrative standpoint. They are adept at seeking out the ways they can help and then making it happen – before you’re even fully aware that you need the help. The result: extra time for work-life balance at a fraction of the cost you’d be charged by an in-person assistant. 

Have questions about how to shave time off your schedule? Book a discovery call with Go Digital Hero to learn more, and contact Dopazo Insurance regarding your insurance needs!

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