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How MarlyQ turned kindness into her dream business! 

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MarlyQ joined us on the Small Business Coffee Break to explore how she turned her passion for kindness into a successful career. MarlyQ shares her journey of becoming a keynote speaker and a kindness influencer, and how she found her niche in the speaking industry. We will also discuss the power of kindness in business and the importance of promoting oneself with gratitude.

Finding Her Niche

MarlyQ’s career as a keynote speaker began unexpectedly when someone in the audience of a tech talk she gave over 10 years prior was so impacted by her talk that they recommended her for future speaking engagements. This opportunity launched her career as a sought-after speaker at various events, colleges, universities, and businesses. MarlyQ’s unique approach to spreading the message of kindness filled a gap in the market, and she quickly became known as a trailblazer and pioneer in the field.

The Power of Kindness

MarlyQ emphasizes the importance of kindness in both personal and professional life. She shares stories of the profound impact kindness has had on her own life and the lives of others. She believes being kind without expecting anything in return is the key to experiencing true blessings and meaningful relationships. MarlyQ has received testimonials and blessings in various forms, including financial success, business growth, and deep connections with others. She believes that we all need kindness, especially in the business world, where negativity often dominates the news.

Overcoming the Fear of Bragging

MarlyQ admits that she used to be secretive about her acts of kindness, fearing that promoting them would make her seem like a braggart. However, she realized that in order to fulfill her mission of spreading kindness, she needed to overcome this fear. She redefined the concept of bragging as “Being Real And Grateful” and started sharing stories not to boast about herself but to highlight the power of kindness and its impact on individuals and the world. By giving herself permission to BRAG, MarlyQ became a resource of abundance and growth, inspiring others to embrace kindness and make a difference.

Promoting Business with Gratitude

As a small business owner, MarlyQ understands the struggle of promoting oneself without feeling like a braggart. She believes that promoting one’s business from a place of gratitude can shift the perspective and make it more authentic. Instead of focusing on how amazing she is, MarlyQ chooses to be grateful for the opportunities she has had to help others and make a positive impact. By sharing stories of the amazing things she has been able to do for others, she not only promotes her business but also reminds herself of why she does what she does.

Turning Unique Abilities into Purpose

MarlyQ believes that small business owners have the opportunity to turn their unique abilities into purpose and build their livelihoods around them. Just like she has done with kindness, small business owners can take their talents and passions and create something meaningful.

Putting it All Together

MarlyQ’s journey as a kindness influencer and keynote speaker is a testament to the power of kindness in both personal and professional life. By overcoming the fear of bragging and promoting herself with gratitude, she has been able to make a profound impact on others and build a successful career. Small business owners can learn from her example and turn their unique abilities into purpose. Follow MarlyQ on her various platforms to stay connected and inspired by her message of kindness.

Where to Follow MarlyQ

You can find MarlyQ on LinkedIn (@marlyq), (Instagram (@marlyq) and her website ( She also has a podcast, Time to be Kind with MarlyQ, that you can check out for more insights and inspiration.

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