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Dopazo Insurance: Scooby-Doo and The Cyber Monster – A Dopazo Insurance Halloween

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Alex Dopazo

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The team at Dopazo Insurance knows how to have a scary good time. When Halloween rolled around, the team sprang into action to help their customers stay safe from all the most frightening monsters out there. Since everyone at Dopazo loves dressing up and having fun, they put together a Scooby-Doo tribute skit to celebrate the occasion.

Fred has crafted a simple plan. They’ll place the bait beneath a cage hanging by a chain from the ceiling and spring the trap when the hacker walks beneath it! Shaggy and Scooby will have to act as bait, though, or the plan won’t work. They’re not sure they want to do it…until Velma offers them a Scooby Snack each. Then the whole gang got in on the action!

The trap was set, and the cyber monster approached the gang to turn out their lights. Then the monster escaped the trap! Scooby and Shaggy ran up the stairs, down the stairs, and all around the house, trying to escape the monster. Fred was at his wit’s end, trying to figure out how to get that cyber monster under wraps!

Oh No! The Cyber Monster is on the Loose!

While Fred spun his wheels trying to rescue the plan, Velma stood nearby typing away on her trusty tablet. Scooby and the Gang were at a loss for how to proceed as the monster came closer and closer to catching them. Finally, it became apparent that only a cyber solution could stop a cyber monster. 

As the frightful monster closed in on the gang, Velma typed the last few keystrokes and stopped the dastardly cyber monster in his tracks! Once unmasked, the monster didn’t seem so scary. It was just a run-of-the-mill hacker hiding behind an Anonymous mask! 

How to Beat a Cyber Monster

What the team at Dopazo learned from this escapade was that running from a cyber threat doesn’t work. You must be prepared to fight fire with fire and come prepared with the right weapons. Practice good online security habits and consider cyber insurance from Dopazo. If you suffer damages from an online attack, cyber insurance can help you recover. Learn more today and avoid the Cyber Monster! 

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